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Tweet, Tweet

September 29, 2010

I’m putting a twist on the homework assignment. I decided to try something I’ve never done before. So, I finally joined Twitter.

And I’m already feeling stressed about it. Only b/c it is yet one more social adventure that I’ve decided to engage in. And now I have a reason to start using tweetdeck or hootsuite.

Why and how you chose this community – I needed to know what all the hoopla is about. And it’s an important tool that we may begin using at work.

The experience of engaging on their turf – so far, still getting a feel for the new language. I’m hoping to have more fluency w/ it in a week.

The experience of bringing someone along – anyone care to join me that doesn’t have a twitter account? @jnmlee

For those of you that already tweet, can you tell me why you think it’s beneficial to your company? And what do you like reading about from non-profits on twitter?


Maybe I am not too far behind!

September 29, 2010

I decided that I wanted to see what other CPAs / accountants are blogging about and what their followers have to say about the blogs.  I did a search and came upon an extensive list with links of CPAs and accountants that have blogs.  I was really excited. 

I picked out four or five of what I thought were the most interesting topics listed and went to each of the blogs.  While I found the information in the blogs to be interesting (if the information was not useful to me personally, I at least found it interesting from the marketing standpoint), I found that CPAs and accountants blogs do not get comments, at least in my small sample.  Not a single one!

I need to look further to make sure that I didn’t pick just a weird random sample, but if it holds true CPAs and accounts blogs do not generate comments, that is a very low bar for me to match.  With a bit more effort, it would not be too difficult to stand out. 

Add another thing to my To Do List – more research on CPAs and accountants blogs!

Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Groups Part 2

September 29, 2010

As I explained in my last post, I visited two LinkedIn Groups that I am a member of and joined in on a couple of discussions.

The first group i visited was the ACCE (American Chamber of Commerce Executives) Communications and Marketing Group. In this group I joined two discussions, one about chamber directories and whether a printed directory is irrelevant in the digital age, and the other about improving after hours events. For the directory discussion I posted my feelings and our Chamber’s dilemma, and for the after hours I posted more as an expert with advice for the person who started the discussion.

I received one response to my post about directories from another Chamber executive.  He posed a question related to my post, but didn’t really respond with any advice, so i responded to his question and am waiting to hear back. This was an interesting interaction though because he responded right away, but didn’t really say much of anything. I was also disappointed that only one person responded when there are a lot of people in the group. Even more disappointing was in the other discussion when i posted my response to the question about after hours events I didn’t get any response.I think a big reason for this may be that people are not fluent with LinkedIn yet. They know what it is, and that they should add their profile and gain connections, but utilizing the whole platform is relatively foreign to most people, at least in this group.

It sort of surprised me that people in the ACCE Communications group were not fluent with LinkedIn, but what was even more interesting was interacting on the Social Media Marketing group.  Here I expected to find people very fluent with LinkedIn and social media in general, but I’ve found that it’s really a group of people there to promote themselves. I posted on three different discussions, a twitter exchange, blog exchange, and a discussion about how many social media account you manage. On all three discussions there were comments after mine, but no one directly responded to mine. I think part of the reason for this is in all three discussions there were hundreds if not thousands of responses and for someone to dig through all of them would be ridiculous. Most people are just responding to the question being asked. This disappointed me because i was hoping for some feedback on my blog and managing multiple accounts, but didn’t get any. I did however gain 10-15 new Twitter followers and a few blog views after posting.

I’m not really sure what to make of all of this, and am very excited to discuss it during our meeting today. I didn’t get to the second part of the assignment bringing a friend along, although i have tried in the past to get Kelley to join the ACCE group.

I’ll see everyone this afternoon.

Mixed Satisfaction

September 28, 2010

For the homework, i had planned to engage the Local Motors community, but in the process got sidetracked, and made an attempt instead to engage with the community around the upcoming book The Power of Co-Creation, by letting them know about Local Motors, and the way that they are a company built on many of the principles that the authors of the book will be embracing.  Here is the post from the blog:

I’d like to talk about two aspects of this interaction that struck me.

The first aspect of the interaction is the possible Inspiration Fluency of the blog authors. Remember that i had written last week about the complicated set of motivations i had for posting to the blog. As i mentioned in that earlier post, i did it in order to gain visibility in the eyes of a prominent community of business thinkers. I also did it in order to feel good about connecting the Local Motors folks and Venkat/Francis. I also did it in order to form a relationship that may turn later into research and business connections. Now, the next sentence should not be read as an attempt to criticize the authors of the blog, but rather as a reminder to us all of the difficulty of difficulty of developing the Inspiration Fluency necessary to motivate and reward people who enter an online (or real-world) venue with so many varied motivations: In the six days since i last posted to the site, i have not felt like my efforts in the community have been rewarded by an acknowledgement from the authors or other members of the community.

The second aspect of the interaction i’d like to talk about is related to the first, because it may be that the authors and other members of the blog do have the inspiration fluency to understand what is motivating me, but not the Interaction Fluency that would enable them to bring me (and other members) into a more vibrant, co-creative discussion within the community.

There is, of course, a set of other possible explanations for these events, including the following:

  • I was showing my lack of interaction fluency by using the blog as a way to engage the authors when i should have sent an email or called them on the phone
  • There is a disconnect between my perception of the blog as a discussion-0riented community, and the authors’ intention to create a simple place to co-create a list of examples of co-creation
  • I don’t have enough credibility (institutional capital) in the business community to impress the other community members
  • The authors are launching a book, which takes a massive amount of time, which might otherwise be spent interacting on the blog

Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

September 27, 2010

Now that Annual Meeting has come and passed i have time to get down to last week’s assignment.

A couple of months ago I joined a few LinkedIn Groups that I thought would help me, but never actually participated in any discussions.  Today all of that changed. I had a few minutes of free time today and went on to two groups to participate in discussions. The first group I went to was the ACCE Communication and Marketing Group, a group dedicated to discussion between Chamber of Commerce communications and marketing staff. I responded to two different discussions that had already been started. The other group I went to was the Social Media Marketing group. I had actually participated in this group a little bit before by posting my personal blog ( if anyone is curious) and my Twitter account (@DeJohnR) to their Twitter and Blog Exchange discussions. I actually got about a 15 follower jump on Twitter immediately following that. Today, when I went to the group, I couldn’t find an interesting discussion to engage in though.

I’m going to see what happens with my comments on the ACCE group and will report back before Wednesday’s session.


September 22, 2010

Whew!  I’m glad I’m not the only one that wasn’t too diligent with homework.  I did subscribe to a YouTube channel, and watched two of their broadcasts, which are weekly ‘updates about the real estate industry’.  I wasn’t too impressed…to put it lightly.   I also subscribed to a few blogs, and those have been outstanding.  Two of them are real estate related, and the third is association management related.  All three have proved useful.

But that’s really here nor there, what’s important is that I became familiar with subscribing to a YouTube channel (something I had not done until given this assignment), and subscribing to blogs.

As for ‘engaging’ in the community, I found that nearly impossible for the YouTube channel.  Mostly because I believe in the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” montra.  To give you all an idea, let’s just say that if their broadcasts truly reflect how they see today’s real estate industry, I’d like to know where they buy their rose colored glasses.  Professionally, I can’t speak for the association…our members do the speaking (or we do it after approval by our BOD).  By commenting or engaging, I might compromise that anonymity.   Telling this nationally known real estate company that they are ‘stretching the truth to get buyers to feel safe’ wouldn’t be safe for me!

See you this afternoon!

Not fluent yet

September 22, 2010

It is the day of our next BizLink and I haven’t done my homework so I doubt that I’ll pass.  Like I said in the last class it is more like therapy for social media novices.  I will continue the therapy until I am cured.

It seems as though many are doing well and I am quite impressed with our chamber guru DeJohn and his increased submersion into the social media world.  Kudos.  I hope others have been gaining more insight into this exciting new world and hope to see you all later today.